We still have space in our main season CSA, as we are trying to build it back up after the big move.  I have to admit that I haven’t really known what to do to promote the CSA. One thing that feels really good is seeing former members come back to us, but I rarely think to ask their reasons.  This week I got such a sweet message, I want to share it.

I’m writing to see if your still selling shares. I moved farther from the providence area and changed my csa to something more local, but guess what? I honestly missed your produce! Your purple potatoes, herbs and the variety of vegetables you offer was superb.

CSA shares available now!

Become a member for a summer’s worth of the freshest, healthiest vegetables, greens and herbs. We have weekly pick ups on Providences’s West Side and at our farm on Greenville Avenue in Johnston.

This year you can pay for your share with your SNAP benefits, thanks to Farm Fresh RI. We will work out a payment plan with you, and payments can be made at any Farm Fresh RI farmers’ market, like the Armory Park Farmers market in Providence, where we will be every week.

More information about the CSA and how to join is here.


Growing into 2016

Happy New Year! We are starting our second year at 380 Greenville Avenue, it will be our first FULL year since we started moving there in April 2015.

Now we have a chance to make this farm a reflection of all that we’ve learned over the years. And we will be able to plan a full year of production on more land than we’ve ever had. We are bringing back our Early Spring CSA, and returning to a more “traditional” main season CSA.  I am working out the details, and will have the information available very soon.  If you still have credit from last year’s CSA, you will be able to use your balance in a couple of different ways. And we are definitely looking for more members, so please spread the word.

I feel like this year is a real Fresh Start. Last year I felt pushed beyond my limits by the need to move AND try to bring in an income from the new farm. Plus the late spring made it even harder; remember how deep the snow was?  I took a part time job working in community gardens in Providence’s public parks. I wondered if it was time to leave Rhode Island, or farming in general, or stop trying to run a business with my partner. What was needed was some quiet time to think it through, and it took til late December to get that. Now it’s been a few weeks and I know I love growing vegetables with Matt here in Rhode Island right on the edge of our really freaking charming little city. We have gone through a period of stress and anxiety, and we got through it. It’s time to remember why we started doing this in the first place, more than a decade ago.

This year we can start right up. I’ve made a stack of soil blocks, and our Johnny’s seed order came in last Thursday. Even if we do end up with lots of snow and cold temperatures, our little greenhouse is heated, and the hardy greens we plant in the two high tunnels will be fine.

I’m just writing this because I’ve been feeling so grateful for the people who have worked with us, and joined our CSA, and become our friends, and collaborated with us.  And let you know how excited I am to get started this year.

Veterans Day Plastic Stretch and Tree Dig!

Maybe you’ve never seen those words strung together, and hopefully we’ll never have to say them again, but the time has come to dig up those fruit trees that are still hanging around at Mathewson Farm.

Even more pressing is the need to stretch the plastic over at least one of the hoophouses at the new farm.  For that we need a decent gathering of folks on a warm or warmish day that’s NOT WINDY.  Wednesday looks perfect.  Will you join us? We will make sure it’s not just drudgery!  If you come by between 10 and 4 we’ll have snacks and beverages.

Matt will lead the plastic stretchery and if there’s enough people, I will lead an expedition to dig trees up the road.

The sooner we get those hoophouses finished the sooner we plant them the sooner we have sweet winter vegetables for you.

And you can re-up your CSA membership or 2015CSAInfoandcontract when you come out.

Here’s how they are looking as of friday afternoon:

two frames

these 2 were “working hard”

dave and matt

Hope to see you on Wednesday!  To make sure we have enough people at the same time for plastic stretching, get in touch with Matt so he can make a schedule.  I don’t want to have to do a “doodle poll” so email him what time you can be there: marsfarmer75@gmail.com.

Hooray for progress!

Work Day Photos!

Last week we had our first work day/potluck/party at the new farm and it was awesome!  Folks came by throughout the day, with the largest group in the late afternoon.  Many beds got weeded, and many more got planted.  There was a great group of kids enjoying the kiddie pool and playing badminton.  And Matt and Elisabeth organized the food and drink, thank goodness! So good to have their help, and these are Elisabeth’s photos:

planting alliummore kidspotluck a huge thanks to everyone who was able to join us! and we will have many more opportunities to gather out there, I’m sure!

If you are in the CSA, expect an email this friday!

Red Planet Workday and Potluck!

Everyone!  Please join us on
Saturday the 27th of June
For our first gathering at the NEW FARM!
By 9:00 am we will be at 380 Greenville Avenue in Johnston, and there will be various jobs that people can jump in on all through the daytime.  Planting, weeding, mulching.  Building things, taking things apart, etc.  Come anytime,
for as long as you want.  You don’t have to work in the field!  If you just want to walk around, or help set up refreshments, or just say hi, we’d love to see you!
By the late afternoon we will have some food, potluck-style.  There will be a grill going.  There will be beverages. And we will relax.
There is a small white house at this address, we will be able to use the kitchen and bathroom here.  Take the driveway between 378 and 380 Greenville Ave to the park behind the garages at 380.  We’ll make this all obvious before the day.
It’s going to be fun!  See you there, I hope.
Our move from 544 Greenville Avenue has been full of….setbacks.  The clutch went on the pickup.  We didn’t have the storage space we needed at the new place at the crucial time.  Scheduling problems (we both have part time jobs) and tractor problems.
Then Matt got lyme.
Finally we are hitting our stride.  Matt has been getting a lot of work done with the tractor now, despite the fact that the steering wheel comes off like all the cars in Mad Max.  And lots of seeds got in the ground before the fantastic rain we got yesterday.  I’ll be transplanting my brains out from now til it’s done and soon we will have produce for our awesome CSA members. I CANNOT wait for that.
tractorwork photo 1 (1)
  I hope you can make it out to the farm for the workday or the potluck or both.  And if possible, ride out there on the Woonasquatucket River Bike Path!  From the beautiful Riverside Park in Olneyville, it’s about 3.5 miles to our farm.  The path ends on Lyman Avenue.  At the top of that street, you cross to get on Greenville Avenue.  We are just a few houses past Baffoni’s chicken farm.

Happy Beltane! or May Day! and Thank you!

Thanks to you we met our goal for memberships this month and the greenhouse is finished!  It’s filling up with starts and the field has been harrowed once.  Another section of the land has been cleared of brush and small trees and will be planted with blueberries and other perennials.

greenhousenew field

This month we could use your help moving some of the bigger things from Mathewson Farm. I will be scheduling some work days after Mothers Day and will post the details here on the blog.  But if you have some time before then get in touch with Matt at (401)481-6115.  We continue to seek more members for this years’ CSA as well.  Summer will be here before you know it, even if it doesn’t feel like it today!