Tomorrow is March 19, don’t forget!

It’s the first pick up of the Early Spring  Mini CSA, and the eve of Spring.  Pick ups are from 4 to 7 at 75 Marshall Street.

I had a mess o’ greens to pick today Image 

and this guy didn’t care to help at allImage



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Early Spring Mini CSA Starts NEXT week!

March 19th, that’s a wednesday, from 4 to 7.  Of course, if the time frame is tough get in touch with me and we’ll make arrangements.

And PLEASE don’t let it go down into the single digits this week.  We really need that snow to melt!

First pick up will be small, but they’ll get bigger, I promise.  We will have salad greens and arugula and something else (we’ll see) and EGGS.  

Normally, pick ups will be in the front hall at 75 Marshall St.  I encourage you to bring your own bags and to recycle your egg cartons with me.  Most often you will weigh out your share yourself, from the directions on the chalkboard; but if I have time I will do it for you.  There will be a check in sheet, so remember to check your name off.  If the weather is nice I will set up the table in the driveway.  

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Will spring ever come?



I took this photo yesterday.  And it’s snowing again!  Most likely, the Early Spring CSA will be starting a little bit later than last year.  I will post the exact start date next week.  

If you need fresh eggs, stop by our house on Monday afternoons.  There will be a cooler by our side door.  $5 per dozen.  Or just send me a message any day and we can make arrangements.

And if you’d like to join our main season CSA I’d love to hear from you as soon as possible!  

The big new thing we’re trying this year is sweet potatoes.  We’ve never grown them before, and honestly I never really cared for eating them, but then I saw these:


All purple sweet potatoes!!! They need a long hot summer as much as I do!  Don’t we deserve it after this incredible winter?  And don’t worry, we are going to grow some regular orangey sweet potatoes too.

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One more week, Earlybirds!

This frigid month is coming to a close, and the days are getting longer.

If you want to take 10% off the cost of your Early Spring Mini CSA, get in touch with me now!

We are also offering a credit for 10 dozen eggs to folks who purchase their main season share before the end of the January!  Egg credit can be used at your own pace. Just sign up and mail in the contract that you’ll find here: csa pamphlet 2014.

If you need more information, contact me:


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Happy New Year!

I hope you’re enjoying the snow as much as Lucy does! 

ImageWe’ve been getting a good number of folks signing up for early spring shares, so if you are interested, please get in touch!  For more info, click on the page above titled “Early Spring Mini CSA”

In the meantime, we have been planting in the hoophouse. Salad greens sown a couple weeks ago just peeked up. Although we’ve been growing through the winter for years, I still am in awe of these rugged little plants, and how the cold makes them so tender and sweet. Image

Besides that, we are taking care of the hens, and still getting around 2 dozen eggs per day. So let me know if you want to use your egg credit before the CSA starts. They’ve had the luxury of hanging out in the smaller hoophouse, out of the harshest cold. Soon we’ll need to move them closer to the barn so that we can get it planted for the early spring.  

And we are really hoping that we can get at least 5 Early Bird payments for the Main Season CSA before mid-January.  For more about why Early Bird payments are so important this year, scroll down and read my post from December 18.  For more details about this CSA, go to “CSA 2014, Main Season”  

I want this year to be the best ever.  Getting the tractor fixed and hiring some help will make the farm run more smoothly, and we will be able to work at a more healthy pace.  And of course, the weather will cooperate.

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2013 CSA Evaluation

2013 CSA Evaluation

This year I tried using google forms to create a survey for CSA members.  I emailed it out to members, but we may not have everyone’s correct email address.   Click on the link above and it will take you right there.  If you were in our main season CSA this past year, please fill it out.  It’s quick and easy and will help us so much as we plan our 2014 season.



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Fire’s Roaring and I’m Back on the Blog

The fact that my last post was July 9th says something about the season we had. Coming into the spring of 2013, we had a new irrigation pond, a new road, a new hoophouse and a bit left to pay on all that awesomeness.  I thought we could save a lot of money by not hiring anyone for the summer, and making up the difference with workshares.  Which might have been enough, if it weren’t for the the fact that we were working with the same tools we’ve been using since our farm was around 5000 square feet.  It’s nearly 3 acres now.

I ended up getting sick for most of the month of November.  Time to remember that we got into farming in order to live a more balanced life!  Of course money concerns can pull us away from what’s really important, and stress can eat away at our reserves.  But what a treasure it is, New England winter!  Giving me some time to reflect.  Not much you can do in the garden when it’s like this.


I am insanely grateful for our CSA members and workshares for their help and understanding.  And of course, now that the ground is frozen and covered with snow, I miss the long days in the field, and the endlessness of vegetables needing picking. This is that same spot in November:



Today I sent out a survey to all of our main season CSA members (it will come from, and if you don’t get it by the solstice, email me!)  Please fill it out!  We need your feedback as we plan our coming season.

Information about our Early Spring Mini CSA has been updated.  And soon I will do the same for the main season CSA.  There are Early Bird Specials for each.

Over the years, early CSA payments saved us from having to dig out the credit card for things like seeds, row cover, and potting soil ingredients.  This coming year, we need them to do that and more.  I’m hoping we can get enough early payments to afford to FIX THAT TRACTOR.

Here it is getting dragged to the barn.


We couldn’t afford it last winter.  So the growing season got into full swing with just the tiller, hand tools, and as many helpers as we could find.  All of us getting worked too hard, struggling to keep up, and breaking down occasionally.  As the months passed we considered a fundraising dinner or a kickstarter video to raise the money, but there was never time.  With your help we could get the tractor running, and purchase the appropriate implements for the farm that we are today.

Could you be an Early Bird and help us get ready for the spring?  Join the Early Spring CSA before the end of January and you can take 10% off the full price, or a credit for 4 dozen eggs you can use at your own pace.  Full price is $150.

Join the Main Season CSA before the end of January and you will receive a credit for 10 dozen eggs that you can use at your own pace.  And there are other incentives in the works.  Full shares are $500, half shares $300.  Get in touch with me at, or Matt at





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